Regis University Student Government Association (RUSGA)

作为里吉斯大学的本科生,您将成为里吉斯大学学生政府协会(RUSGA)的成员。. Led by the Student Body President, RUSGA’s mission is to listen to students, advocate on their behalf, and make the student experience a memorable one.

瑞吉斯大学学生会协会(RUSGA)是包含所有的学生组织在瑞吉斯学院本科生和Rueckert-Hartman为卫生职业学院. RUSGA旨在为学生提供编程和活动,以提高365体育专业娱乐平台社区的每一个成员的Regis体验为目标.

Composed of every member of the undergraduate student body, and financed by student fees, the association includes all clubs and organizations on campus, 由里吉斯学院学生选出的董事、委员会和班级代表. RUSGA是本着让学生带头创建他们最感兴趣的程序设计和组织的精神创建的. The leadership of RUSGA, headed by the three elected officers, 寻求不断的学生输入,以确保里吉斯的365体育专业娱乐平台是安全的,每个学生适应和学业成功, spiritually and socially during their time at Regis University.

RUSGA Initiatives

Enterprise Car Share

Rolled out in the fall of 2011, 里吉斯与企业控股公司签订了合同,建立一个汽车共享项目. Subsidized by RUSGA, 该项目为没有车的学生和家庭提供短期租车解决方案. 18岁或以上的学生可以参加汽车共享计划,可以每小时或每天租用一辆车. (Hourly rates include the vehicle rental, auto insurance, and gas.这个项目为学生提供了一个去看牙医的绝佳解决方案, running errands, going to the mountains for a day, etc. Not only is a great service to students and families, it reduces the number of cars on campus and our carbon footprint.

Community Garden

Initiated in 2008 in collaboration with Denver Urban Gardens, and funded with $12,000 of RUSGA money, 里吉斯大学社区花园的建立是为了鼓励学生, faculty, staff and community interaction. 在接下来的几年里,花园也被证明是非常宝贵的教育工具,特别是在食品运输的碳足迹问题上,并发展成为大学和社区成员的共同基础.

Trust the Tap

由RUSGA可持续发展委员会创建和资助,由里吉斯大学物理工厂实施, “信任自来水”倡议已经在校园各处的建筑中安装了20套水过滤系统. 同时举办的“信任自来水”活动提供有关自来水清洁的信息, environmental stewardship, 提高经济效益,同时鼓励社区成员停止使用塑料水瓶. Fun fact: “The recommended eight glasses of water a day, at U.S. tap rates equals about $.49 per year; that same amount of bottled water is about $1,400.” - Ban the Bottle.

Recycling Program

RUSGA also worked to place five recycling dumpsters around campus. They are located behind O'Connell and Desmet, north of the Residence Village, west of Main Hall, behind the Student Center and south east of ALC. RUSGA continues to educate the Regis community on recyclable, non-recyclable and compostable materials and waste.

Composting Program

Collaborating with Bon Appetit, our food service provider, RUSGA正致力于减少当地垃圾填埋场的有机物数量. Compostable materials are redirected in the Main Cafe; and items and excess food is taken to a local farm co-op for composting.

Sweatshop Policy

Adopted by RUSGA in April of 2011, 《365在线体育投注》承认,世界上很多服装仍然是在血汗工厂的条件下生产的. Informed by the university’s Jesuit ideals, RUSGA致力于购买合乎道德的服装,希望鼓励服装制造商支付他们的劳动力生活工资, reasonable hours and improved working conditions.

RTD Bus Passes

As a Regis student, 您现在可以使用RTD巴士和轻轨系统, free of charge with your new bus pass. This is a great way to get around Denver and the surrounding areas. 这项服务包含在里吉斯大学本科生的学生活动费中. 只有里吉斯学院或Rueckert-Hartman学院的本科生支付了学生活动费,才有资格收到十张RTD公交卡. Stop by the Information Desk in the Student Center. Please bring your ID with you.

The Pledge

由RUSGA社会公正和可持续发展委员会于2012年发起, 该承诺挑战里吉斯的学生成为365体育专业娱乐平台环境资源的好管家. 新生和返校学生有机会在365体育专业娱乐平台的年度欢迎周签署承诺. 我保证,在里吉斯大学的这几年里,我将探索和留意社会, 我的行为和我的机构的经济和环境后果. I will incorporate into my daily life social justice, 经济完整性和环境管理,目的是在我的社区和更广泛的世界促进一个可持续和公正的社会.

Walker's Pub

该酒吧以土地开发商John Brisben Walker的名字命名,他捐赠了大学所在的物业。该酒吧于2009年提出,并于2011年春天完成,由RUSGA发起并资助. In 2018, as part of the renovation of the Student Center, Walker 's被重新安置在学生中心内,并进行了翻新,以创造一个现代酒吧的外观和感觉,提供食物和饮料的选择, a selection of local beer and wine, music, several televisions, a pool table, shuffleboard and comfy places to sit and relax with friends. 新装修的沃克酒吧于2019年春天隆重开幕.

RUSGA Constitution

We, the Regis University Student Government Association (RUSGA), 365体育专业娱乐平台承诺要成为为他人服务的人, strive to uphold the principles of knowledge, ingenuity and devotion. We aspire to be engaged leaders who are knowledgeable about what is happening on campus in order to better serve the student body; promote effective communication between students and university administrators; encourage inclusive community on campus through innovative programming; and act humbly, 怀着对里吉斯学生有益的目标.

Students in classroom